Text 10 Dec No cookies or parties for our clients…

Ahh its time for the cookies and chocolates to roll in! Lets celebrate the office party!!

While I love a tin of cookies or an all out party as much as the next guy, sending a tin of cookies or throwing a party is partially the SEER style, but the other side is to do something that hopefully lasts well beyond lunch or one night.  This holiday, as we have for the past 3 years, are giving away $100 gift cards to each of our clients through justgive.org. What this does is make sure that our motto of “be good” (Be good to our clients, be good to each other, be good to our community) continues to be illustrated in our actions.

The biggest by product that has come out of this (that I never expected) is finding out more about our clients, not as “clients” but as people.  I have had clients share stories of their sick children, their favorite animal shelter, the organizations where they spend their free time, the shelter that they support, or the group home they spent some time in while they figured out their youth, the list goes on and on.

So I ask you, people who read this to think of ways to do something for your clients that humanizes your relationship with them, and their relationship with you.  If you want to stop being labeled a vendor and are seeking to be labeled a trusted advisor, partner, or friend, you have to act that way, all year long and sometimes, just sometimes, your holiday gift can open a dialogue that would never come up in a weekly call or quarterly report - all while doing something great.

I also ask you NOT to do this as a GIMMICK! 

Clients can smell BS a mile away…make volunteerism a big part of your company, and this will be a natural extension of who your company is, doing this only at holidays is a nice gestrure but will not yield what it does for us.

Interested in where SEER people volunteer?  Just read our about us page, and if you are applying to any of our open positions…you better have a good idea on where you are going to spend time making this world a better place or you won’t be a good match.

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