Text 26 Sep I’m sleeping outside to raise 7500 for homeless youth, will you help me?

TL;DR - help me fight homelessness

Hey guys, so its 2:00am, I’ll be back up by 7:30, maybe get in a run with my dog, I have to prepare for 3 interviews tomorrow, hoping they go well, we could hire all three tomorrow :)

I’m getting interviewed for some publications, I’ll chat with my PR team, my COO, business development people, clients, team members, you name it.  

I’ll chat with our culture club at SEER who will show me some budget in the thousands of dollars this quarter to help work on some out of office fun.

I’ll speak with Crystal and Larry about where we locate our next office and by when and how much that will cost.

Ill think about how we improve our bonus program this year, how we develop stock plans / profit sharing, etc.

I’ll have to prepare for travel thats been booked for me to NYC, Vegas, and London all next month.  My financial adviser will bug me about something I need to get life insurance completed for my family, and beneficiares.

Ill go to sleep in a very VERY comfortable bed, and wake up and do it all over again the next day, and the next day and the next. and I LOVE it!!

I realize that this patterm starts to insualte me from REAL problems.  My probems or things I’ll deal with above are freaking joke, but in my circle they are really problems, when I speak with my mentors, colleagues, my team, etc they are REAL problems b/c we are all going through them, but without trying to experience other’s problems, I have no balance.

OOOH I didn’t get upgraded on this flight, wahhhhhhh

But that is why I volunteer.  

I volunteer b/c I never want to get out of touch with what real problems are, and the more I spend time just with people in our industry usually the harder it becomes to not allow our problems to become “real” to us. This company was started b/c my old company didn’t give me time to volunteer, so I can never turn my back on that.

So I am asking for your support while I sleep outside on Nov 15th ( I don’t do well in the cold, so that is going to suck).  I’d love your encouragement, support, heckling, whatever, but mostly I’d love your help!


for more information about the event go here: http://www.covenanthouse.org/help-homeless-youth/executive-sleepout

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