Text 10 Oct 3 notes Why every CEO needs to answer the phone

Last Friday I picked up the phone - “SEER Interactive, Wil Reynolds Speaking” - Client thought they dialed the wrong # :)

Nope, I actually pick up the phone sometimes was my response :)

The answer I got back was - before you transfer me over - I want to tell you that our account manager Mark is amazing, he’s really on top of us to move this project along…

3 weeks ago another client said the same about Napoleon (when I just randomly picked up the phone)

Yesterday after our kick off another client said the same about Brett

And earlier this week another client said the same about Jaime

Having such an amazing team has made my job very enjoyable to be honest.  Its hard to keep great people, but I try my ass off to do everything possible to let everyone know how much I value their input.


Lately I’ve been chatting about the fact that I dedicating more an more time to SEO and not running the business strategy and sales?  Because I don’t need to micro manage people at SEER, they already have the desire to work their tails off!

Picking up the phone is not all la-la land either…about 3 months ago I had a conversation with a client where they had some feedback on a team member and we discussed it and that helped us retain the client and make some adjustments in how we communicated with them.  That underscores even more why you got to pick up that phone once in a while.

If you are a software business, review the Live Chat requests (as mentioned to me by Tom Kulzer, CEO of Aweber).

I can tell you this, I’m never going into an ivory tower, it is my goal to do the following four things:

  1. work as closely on client SEO strategy w/ our account team as possible
  2. keep hiring amazing people who want to kill for our clients
  3. continue to build a culture I am proud of
  4. Fire the bad clients, I never want to saddle people this amazing with crappy clients when there are so many good ones to work with.
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